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Mortal Kombat: Mileena and Smoke

Me as Mileena. Everything was handmade by me except for the leggings which I bought. The wig I styled and the shoes I altered. The sais were fabricated. The corset was all made by me as well. Fangs and prosthethics were all casted, sculpted, and molded by me.   Paul as Smoke. All items were handmade by me. Balaclava, shirt, pants, and shoes were purchased. Shirt was altered along with minor adjustments to the pants. Mask, gauntlets, shin guards, and chest piece were all fabricated by me.


Twin Peaks: Log Lady

 I made the skirt and outer wear as well as the log. The plaid shirt I bought along with the glasses, stockings and shoes. Wig I styled.



God of War: Ares and Zeus

Me as Ares. All armour pieces were fabricated from foam. Wig was styled by me. Beard was made and styled by me. Cerebus heads were all sculpted and casted by me. Sword made from tube, chipboard, with added lights on it.   Paul as Zeus. Toga was all sewn by me. Gauntlets are made of foam. Props cellophane and lights. Wig coloured and styled by me. Beard and mustache were made, coloured, and styled by me.


Roller Derby Rogue from X-Men

I really enjoy the Rogue costume. It's very colourful and the mobility is the easiest. The hardest part is that I am covered head to toe with only my face exposed. I wanted to be able to wear this costume in warmer weather and not pass out. I had seen artists draw roller derby versions of several Marvel characters. The only items I reuse from the regular costume are the corset, wig, and utility belt. I remade what was the initial jumpsuit as a shirt and shorts. Remade a new pair of gloves but fingerless this time around. I painted a pair of skates, helmet, and pads. The socks were dyed and the stripes were painted.


Teen Titans: Raven and Cyborg

Me as Raven. I made the body suit, corset, cape, gloves, and belt. I bought the wig and styled it. I bought shoes and covered them. The stockings were purchased and the forehead jewel was bought and altered by me. Makeup by myself as well.   Paul as Cyborg. All pieces were fabricated from foam. Some parts were backed with fiberglass. Glove was purchased and foam added on top. Large tube was used for arm cannon and lights were added.


Kaylee's Sweet 16 Alice in Wonderland inspired dress

I was contacted by this very sweet girl. Her 16th birthday was coming up and she wanted a dress for the party. The theme of the party was Alice in Wonderland. She wanted something that was a mashup of Alice and the Queen of Hearts. I sent her several sketches and this was the final draft. At the party, her parents and family loved the dressed very much. Paul and I even got to wear our Alice cosplays again.



X-Men: Rogue and Bishop

Me as Rogue. I bought the jacket and altered it. I made the jumpsuit, gloves, and corset [not seen in this picture but visible in other pictures]. I styled the wig, covered my boots and made the belt. Makeup by myself as well.   Paul as Bishop. Pants were bought along with shirt with some alterations done by me. Gloves were bought and one was painted by myself. Belt, cape/poncho, and gun were made by me as well. Along with painted arm and M scar.

Disney Villains: Ursula and Gaston

I made the dress along with Flotsam and Jetsam. I bought the leggings and painted them. I styled the wig and even spent the hours painting myself purple.    Pants were purchased, along the gloves and shirt that later was altered. The blunderbuss and belt were made and so were the boot covers and the quiver. The wig was also styled by me.


Alice in Wonderland: Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter

Everything you see was hand made. The only thing I bought were the 2 corsets to make one. I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to also make a corset. A good majority of the dress was hand sewn as well. The gold squares were hand painted onto the black fabric. My mom helped me sew the fur onto the dress. The wig was fun to do and the crown is made out of the same fiber glass material as my M. Bison armour from last year. The heart fan was the most simple item, foamies and a stick haha.     The jacket and vest were purchased at thrift store. Thank you NYC for having an endless amount of those stores. The pants were also purchased at a regular clothing store. The shoes and shirt were from his own wardrobe. The hat was altered from one of those awful-looking halloween store ones. The bow tie was hand made. Of course the big ol' tea cup was thrifted as well.


Street Fighter: M. Bison and Akuma

Hat was purchased, painted and altered. Shirt was purchased and altered. Pants were purchased. Cape was handmade along with the armour.    Took a real gi and ripped off the arms and the ends of the pant legs. Painted the symbol on the back [not shown]. Gloves and shoes were purchased. Balls were hand made and wig was styled by me.


Final Fantasy X-2: Paine [Neo-Victorian style]

All items were handmade.


Soul Calibur 4: Ashlotte

This was very advanced for me at the time. Majority of the items were handmade and some were purchased and altered.


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